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We're more than suppliers; we're strategic partners in importing and planning. Our deep knowledge of the Italian food market provides you with a broad product range and strategies to enhance your offerings.

Our expertise in creating unique private label products in Italy is now available for U.S. buyers. We handle everything from strategy to execution, easily meeting Minimum Order Quantity requirements for your private label launch.

Alternatively, choose Fiofiore, our premium Italian product line, brand immediately available in the U.S., as a Controlled Brand, for authentic Italian products without private label development. Whether through custom private labels or Fiofiore, we're ready to fulfill your market needs.


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Our award winning products

We specialize in tailoring unique product lines to meet the specific demands and nuances of your market, ensuring a perfect fit for your customers' needs. 


Fiorfiore stands as a shining example of premium, authentic Italian cuisine in North America. This line offers a comprehensive range of cross-category products, embodying Italy's rich culinary traditions. With Fiorfiore, retailers can effortlessly introduce a selection of high-quality, authentic Italian items, from artisanal pastas to exquisite sauces, to Oil & VInegars, to Deli Meats.

Our products in North American Supermarkets

What we can do for you

Our approach is comprehensive, covering everything from strategic planning to implementation. Partner with us for a private label service that's as innovative as it is effective, tailored to meet the unique demands of the U.S. market.

Strategic Positioning

Tailoring your product's market entry for maximum impact and success.

Quality Assurance

Ensuring excellence in every product with rigorous quality checks.

Packaging and Labels

Eye-catching designs and compliant labeling for standout shelf presence.

International Logistic

Efficient global supply chain management for seamless product delivery.

Domestic Logistic

Sorage and local distribution ensuring availability and timely product arrivals.


Creative and strategic marketing solutions to elevate your brand's presence.

Get in touch with our team to develop your assortment of authentic Italian food.

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